Monday, March 19, 2007

All in a Day's Work!

It is finally March; that time of the year when teachers are gearing up for the final formal teacher/parent conference of the school year. Within our school, it is a student led conference. Students actually lead their parents through a conference over their progress for the year. So, as you can imagine, we have been "gearing up" for this one. Every published piece of writing that we have completed within the last couple of months is on the wall. We have crammed every possible project into our short schedule. Students are excited about "showing off" their best work. I am including pictures of what we have been currently doing in third grade. It has been a busy month! We have written persuasively as is seen in the many book reviews. We have written several biographies on various key historical figures. This unit actually culminated with students presenting in full costume those person's lives they chose to read and write about. We have also been writing about animals. We just wrapped up our Science curriculum with a fun Biome unit where students were assigned a biome to study. Students then had to choose an animal to research material for and write about. This was a hit! Check out the final presentation!!

No, this isn't just an "open house." Students will discuss the formal report card. Even though report cards went home over the previous weekend, students have since conferenced with me about areas that are strong ones, as well as those areas that need work. Students are challenged to think of ways to grow and become stronger in weak areas. Once they have a plan of action figured out, they will then have something to discuss with their parents. It is a great opportunity for parents to have an opportunity to listen. It is an even better opportunity for students to really take ownership of their grades and improvement if need be!


Jo said...

Super! I love your beautiful picture! This sounds like a LOT of work but how great for your kids! I wish we still had parent/teacher conferences like this in the high school.

heartsjoy said...

I love this idea! I bet the kids and parents both love this! How awesome to hear from you own kids perspective what they have been strong in, what they are weak in and how they think they could improve!! Wow! You sound like the kind of teacher my kids would love! ;) p.s. I agree with your Mom, your pic is amazing! You gorgeous girl you.