Sunday, March 11, 2007

Oh the Possibilities That the Written Word Can Create!

My dream as a teacher of young elementary children is to inspire and promote their writeabilities by instilling a love of literature and highlighting a variety of genres that will stimulate their young minds.

As a Christian educator, it is my goal to seek and find what excites and motivates kids to read and write. It is my continual drive to find how everything we know, learn, and experience relates to Christ's view and His written word. Getting kids to think biblically as they study the world around them is the whole point of Christian Education. Our imagination is a wonderous gift. Let's use it for Him!! This site's purpose is to serve as a crockpot of ideas that will flavor any elementary program. Have fun with some of these yummy, oowey, goowey, and whimsical writeabilities!


Michelle- This One's For The Girls said...

I love it! Very cute. Keep writing!

Jo said...

Good job! I love your new spot and am tickled that you are doing it! Creative--just like you!