Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Something Fresh, Something New, Something Great, This Post is for You!

Well, school is out! If you're like me, you are on the hunt for something fresh and new. I have been searching for a great new novel for my third graders for our first "in training" book report of the year. In my search, I have discovered some great sites! Some of these are sites where teachers will get great information and ideas. There are a couple that I found were also great for kids!!

I would recommend getting your little readers subscribed to a website that is sponsored by Sylvan Learning. It is a great site for all students, whether they are in public, private, or even home-schooled settings. It is a very comprehensive AR list with tests and prizes. The thing that really impressed me about this site was that I subscribed as my child. As soon as I gave all of the information linked to my email address, I received a verification notice to alert me to the fact that my child had just subscribed to this website. It is safe and something that you as the parent can monitor to keep up with your child's progress. It even rewards your child with prizes for accumulation of points. Best of all, it is FREE!!!

Check it out! Your kids will be excited about what they will find. Teachers, you will find that there is alot that you can benefit from here as well.


Sheryl said...

I am so excited to find this website! My girls are out of town this week, so I just took the liberty of signing them up and taking a couple of quizzes for them (kidding!). Thanks for passing along such great info!

Spencer Ray said...
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The Elementary Writing Chef said...

Sorry...girl....My sister in law has been on my computer....and would appear that bro made a reply to you...but it was really me...! (grin!!)